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Security Issue


This web site uses an SSL Certificate, also known as a digital certificate. By using a SSL certificate, our web server automatically activates Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, creating a secure communication channel between your browser and our web server. While the SSL connection is active, you will see a closed padlock at the lower left corner of your browser.

Once activated by our SSL certificate, SSL immediately begins providing you with the following components of secure online transactions:

Authentication: you can view the identity and owner of the web server your browser is connected to by clicking on the closed padlock, or file properties in IE. This information is contained a digital certificate issued by a public CA and exchanged with your browser when the SSL connection is established.

Privacy: SSL encrypts all information exchanged between your browser and our web server using a unique session key. Each session key is used only once, during a single session with a single customer. These layers of privacy protection ensure that information cannot be viewed if it is intercepted by unauthorized parties.

Message Integrity: When a message is sent, the sending and receiving computer each generate a code based on the message content. If even a single character in the message content is altered en route, the receiving computer will generated a different code, and then alert the recipient that the message is not legitimate. With message integrity, both parties involved in the transaction know that what they are seeing is exactly what the other party sent.